“Mokra Gora Mountain – Undiscovered Pearl on Via Dinarica Trail” successfully promoted in Istog/k

Release date: 25.02.2019.
0_02_04_70c6f2b5b60d84207880605bd22848522e5ed94d8f8f829f46ed873a8ad747dc_1c6d93527de2b2.jpg Within the framework of “Mokra Gora Mountain – Undiscovered Pearl on Via Dinarica Trail”, funded by European Union through Regional Cooperation Council and implemented by InTER, a visibility meeting took place in Istog/k.

The meeting gathered municipality officials, local businesses and NGOs who have a respective share on touristic products and offers in the aforementioned municipality. The venue of the event was Trofta hotel. The project was presented by the project team, assisted by Mr. Genc Ademaj, a representative of Mayor’s Office of Istog/k municipality.