KOSOVO: What do citizens know, think and feel?

Release date: 22.12.2020.
Screen_Shot_2020_12_21_at_12_06_01_PM.png On Friday, December 18 2020, NCEU Working Group for Chapter 35 organised an online discussion “Citizens’ views of Kosovo: What the citizens know, think and feel” in cooperation with the Belgrade Center for Security Policy.

The results of the latest public opinion polls and trends were presented at the event, where participants had the opportunity to learn about the views and opinions of the citizens:

• Do citizens know what Belgrade's goal is in dialogue with Pristina?
• Is there public confidence in EU dialogue?
• What do citizens think would be the best outcome of the Brussels dialogue?
• Would citizens support “exchange of territories”?
• What do citizens know about the “Washington Agreement”?
• Do citizens believe that Albanians and Serbs will have peaceful and normal relations in the near future?
• Do Serbs and Albanians have more similarities or differences?
• How are citizens informed about Kosovo?

Participants of the panel were:

Bojan Elek, researcher at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy;
Miodrag Milićević, Executive Director of the NVO Aktiv;
Nikola Burazer, program director of the Center for Contemporary Politics.

Moderator: Maja Bjeloš, researcher at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy.

The event was organized within the project "National Convention on the European Union 2020/2021, Chapter 35: Other Issues - Kosovo" implemented by InTER with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway and the Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD).