Analysis " Sustainable tourism for sustainable development in Zubin Potok and Pec/Peja Municipality"

Date start: 01.07.2019.
Tourism is a significant industry and one of the fastest growing in the world. However, the development of tourism is conditioned by the quality of the environment, its natural and cultural value, as well as the establishment of a friendly relationship between the natural environment and its transformation to an attractive destination.

As tourism development is accelerated in the municipalities of Zubin Potok and Pec/Peja, the aim of this analysis is to present the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism and its importance for sustainable development. In addition to explaining the concept, the analysis includes the presentation of the existing tourism potentials and products, local and regional tourism policies, as well as the impact of tourism development on these municipalities.

The analysis is available in Serbian, Albanian and English.

The analysis was prepared within the project " Sustainable tourism for sustainable development", implemented by InTER in cooperation with NGO Marimangat and media partners Crno beli svet and TELEGRAFI. The project is financially supported by the Kosovo Open Society Foundation (KFOS).